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Road Trip!!

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Well, it's officially summer the grass is green, the birds are chirping and the sun is warm and shining brightly. With all this comes excitement to go out and enjoy the summer, and during summer nothing beats a road trip! Open the windows let the sunshine in, enjoy the view and get ready for adventure!

Road trips can’t happen without a vehicle, and that vehicle is the key to making your road trip safe and enjoyable. Let's go over key items that are a must when road tripping. 

Things to do before leaving:

Check your vehicle for the following: 

  • Tire pressures & include your spare tire (set to the manufacturing spec).

  • Fluid levels & condition, this is so important to have all levels checked, making sure they're in good condition and not needing to be changed.

  • Wiper blades (check condition or replace if its been a couple years).

  • Battery condition (best to have it tested if you don’t know the age).

  • If you have an older vehicle or are just unsure in general, bring it to a shop such as Continental Auto, we will make sure your vehicle is safe and ready for its journey! This way you can head out on the open road and the only thing you have to worry about is deciding what tune to play first.

Essentials to pack in the Vehicle:

  • Make sure you have your vehicles owners manual in the vehicle. 

  • Bring a tire gauge with you in case you need to fill tires along the way.

  • Bring some extra fluids such as washer and a 1L of oil (especially if you have an older vehicle).

  • A first aid kit is always a great idea to have in the vehicle and perhaps your vehicle already has one from the factory.

Finding the right route!

A road trip can’t be complete without roads, and nice ones at that! So here are a few of my favourite roads to travel on in Alberta when its summertime!

  • Hwy 22, running North and South this highway is for those who want to have a scenic trip heading South. Enter in around Drayton Valley and follow it all the way into cochrane. It has beautiful rolling hills with farms and acreages. In the distance you can see the mountains on the horizon. 

  • Hwy 93. This runs between Jasper and lake Louise. This highway is an absolute must! With breathtaking views such as icefields, rivers, lakes and of course wildlife! You can’t go wrong when it comes to travelling this highway. 

  • Hwy 1A. This is the original Hwy that Heads West into the Mountains. Enter in around Cochrane and head west. A beautiful Windy road that goes from foothills to mountains!

Whatever road you pick, remember to pre plan and pack appropriately! 

Lastly, no road trip is complete without the best music! Here is a Spotify playlist of the music I want to hear when I'm travelling. Go ahead, download it and give it a listen and enjoy the journey!

Spotify Playlist: RoadTrip


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