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500,000 and still going!

Let's talk vehicle longevity and why some vehicles seem to last forever. I have recently hit a huge milestone in my own personal everyday car, and I'd like to give it some praise.

The car pictured is a 2003 A4 1.8T Quattro Avant. It's a stage 2 car and has about 80

horsepower over stock. This car was bought by my family brand new and now has half a million kilometres on it and I still enjoy driving it everywhere.

To make a car last this long, in my opinion, comes down to three things:

Brand of vehicle. I truly believe that you have to start with a solid brand to have it last through the years, not only last but continue to be a pleasure to drive, look good, and be reliable. A factory that properly puts vehicles together and provides extra attention in the finer details, adding all those extras that you may not notice as a consumer. Like the types of materials and fasteners they use to put it all together, their attention to fit and finish all play into what makes a half a million kilometre car not only a reliable ride but a pleasure to drive.

Ownership. Vehicles are a wearable item, they constantly absorb road surfaces, and they have lots of moving parts. These parts don't and will not last forever, it is almost impossible. So knowing this, owners should take pride in their vehicle and stay on top of its maintenance. Without this, the vehicle will slowly fall apart until they get to the point where it is too much money and work all at once to bring it back to life. So if you want your vehicle to last you 15 plus years stay on top of your maintenance and take pride in your ride!

A shop that understands your brand! You need to have the right shop to look after your car. A shop that knows the brand inside and out. Making sure the right fluids get used and the right service intervals are being followed. It is impossible to have a vehicle last if the shop is not doing a proper job in keeping them maintained.

Being in this business has allowed me to drive many cars over the years and, YES there is an absolute difference, a big one at that, from brand to brand. I have heard of many vehicles hitting high milestones but the questions is, are they barely hanging on or are they reliable and still handle like a new car would! Here at Continental Auto we take pride in being the only shop for your Audi, VW or any euro cars! When my 17 year A4 1.8T Quattro Avant boost comes on and I shift gears, it still puts a smile on my face. I find it absolutely stunning and a downright pleasure to drive and that is why this car will always be mine!


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