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Why Cars?

Welcome to my first ever blog, so bare with me as I get the feel for this. As I thought about what to write I got to thinking about my career as an auto technician, small business owner, and what my passions are. For me, it all revolves around cars. So I ask, Why Cars?

Cars are truly an amazing gift we have and get to experience. Cars can mean something different for each and every person. People will all have different opinions and thoughts about them, but if you are one of the lucky ones that finds passion in cars you are truly fortunate!

Let me share the start of my story with you and where my mad passion for cars started, especially for Audi and Volkswagen. When I was younger, coming from a family that owned a local repair shop with a deep passion for cars. I remember watching all the cool cars come in and out of the shop and wanting to drive them all.

During summers we would load up our Volkswagen Westfailia and hit the open road. We would go everywhere in that van, crossing rivers, camping, driving to the coast to see the ocean, and anywhere in between.

Cars are so much more than an A to B ride. I like to think a car is an extension of oneself, it helps tell your story, sometimes without even realizing it. They give a sense of pride and excitement when you're behind the wheel. So, every time I look back at my childhood I’m always reminded of what vehicle I was in and how it impacted that moment.

Cars have been and always will be someone’s dream, from wall posters to finally getting to purchase that dream. We work hard so we can experience that extension of ourselves!

Welcome to 2020. Enjoy the drive!


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